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Automating the attendance during class increases the efficiency of staff and eleminates manual record maintenance.

Calling out the names and marking attendance is time consuming and the tardiness is not intimated to parents instantly.

With RFID/Finger Print (Biometric) readers that are enabled with WiFi/GPRS to transmit data to a web server, the process of maintaining records and notifying parents on tardiness is automated.

Schools may notify summary attendance details (say for a term) to parents and on other occasions (like school closed due to weather conditions etc) easily.

Key benefits to Management:

- Centralized/De-centralized attendance recording
- Locate last visited area of student. With Active RFID, zone wise location tracking is possible
- Intimate parent instantly about student present/absent status
- On-line reports available on each student
- Periodic Summary reports available instantly
- Time saving and Cost effective

- Energy Saver interface*
- Climatic Control interface*
- Syncronized Clock*

- GPRS, RFID/Finger Print (Biometric) Reader
- Web Server / App to parents/teachers

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