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Ensuring child is safe while travelling to & fro school is important for school adminstration & parents. What happens normally is the parent hope that the child has alighed at right bus stop. Today's technology serves you to notify parent on events like boarding, alighting, alighting at wrong stop etc

Normally only the vehicle is tracked using a GPS and there is no way to know the details of children travelling in the buses. Parents may be able to track the bus using their login or an app. With advent of technologies, today, we have RFID readers, Finger Print readers to keep track of children boarding / alighting a vehicle. With data transmission to server instantly, parents get to know the location of the vehicle in which the specific child is travelling!

Also when the bus is late, parents call the bus driver or transport officer to know the status. With current technologies, parents may track the movement of vehicle by SMS/App to know the safety of child incase of delay.

What about getting a notification when the bus reaches a stop that you decide!!. Must be feeling great by now!!. No need to wait at the bus stop to drop/pickup the child. Move there on knowing the bus has arrived at the designated place. No more waiting.

As for the school management, the safety of children are ensured besides tracking vehicles. No need to panic by calls from parents when the bus is late. They can query themselves to know the location and safety of child.

Also with camera connected, snaps are taken and sent to server instantly. This acts as detterent for children's mis-behaviour inside the bus. Get a snap about every 60 secs!. No additional investment in having a CCTV for offline monitoring. You do it almost live with the technology.

Key benefits to parents:
- get alert when bus reaches a specific stop (preferred by them) and plan to go to the stop. No more waiting.
- get alert when the child boards/alights bus
- Track using "Where the child is now!". Just send an SMS and get a response with current location.
- App based tracking also avilable

Key benefits to management:
- Know list of children present in a bus at any given time
- Driver record maintenance
- Over speed alert
- Vehicle Tracking
- Optional camera to take snap shots. Acts as detterent for children.

- GPS, GPRS, RFID Reader
- Camera with IR

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